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connect with others.

Gathering in smaller groups has always been one of the best ways make and nurture discipleship in the local church. John Wimber one of the founding leaders of the Vineyard Movement shared some helpful thoughts on why we value of smaller groups.

Small Groups values
City groups

What is a city group?

A City Group is not just a Bible study, or a fellowship group, it's not just a social club, or a support group, and it's certainly not just another weekly meeting. Yet a healthy City Group will include all of these things, providing opportunity and space to journey with others around a commitment to discipleship, community and mission.

Joining a city group

We currently have six groups to choose from and we'd encourage you to join the group closet to you geographically, if not the one you know you can attend most constantly. If you're not sure which group to join try a couple and see how you get on!

Groups run in 8-week blocks, three times a year. Each group will look slightly different, in terms of the make up of people and time and place in which they meet, but all our groups will hopefully include a time of gathering to eat, discuss/learn, share, and pray together.

formation + Discipleship

Practicing the way of Jesus, together.

We also have other types of groups and gatherings that meet at different times and for set periods.


Electives form a key part of our Discipleship Pathway and are designed to create space where you can learn with others, be inspired and equipped to put in to practice what it means to follow Jesus in our everyday lives. Throughout the year we will host different streams with an opportunity to put into practice and outwork what you are learning, as we seek to intentionally apprentice ourselves to Jesus.


Affinity Groups

Affinity means 'an inherent likeness or connection'. Affinity gatherings happen periodical throughout the year and are designed to be fun, interactive and a great place to get to know others of a similar life stage, gender or shared interest. If you would like to join an affinity based gathering, please visit our online calendar and sign-up for one of our the next affinity based events.


Online Prayer Group

We believe the church is at its best, and God His most glorious, when His people seek after Him in humble, desperate, passionate prayer. We are hungry to be a people who contend for a fresh move of God's Spirit in our day and believe that Kingdom advancement is fueled by prayer. Join us on Zoom every Friday in term times from 6.30am.

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