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Sunday Gatherings are the primary way we gather as a church to worship together, learn from bible, pray for one another, and create space to hear from and encounter more of God's Spirit.

Join us every Sunday at Kents Hill Park.

Kents hill Park Primary
Timbold Dr • MK7 6BZ
10:30 am (Refreshments
from 10:10am)

Each Sunday our gatherings include


Worship is our highest priority and by participating in musical worship as a congregation is an opportunity to join with God’s people, throughout history and scattered across the world, in declaring what is true about God.


We devote a portion of our time together to hear the Word of God being taught. In opening the scriptures we are invited to reimagine our lives in light of the story of God and the way of Jesus.


Communion is a symbolic act of eating and drinking in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. It is an invitation to remember the love of God expressed for us in the person of Jesus: Jesus who lived without sin, died for our sins on the cross, and rose again in victory over death.

Prayer Ministry

Each week, we respond to what God is doing through a time of prayer ministry, one-to-another. We have trusted members of our team available to pray with you during the service, and space for you to respond in any way you feel comfortable.


Garden City Kids.

Over the coming months we are excited to be establishing Garden City Kids. The plan is for Garden City Kids to take place during our Sunday Gatherings, where we aim to create a fun and inspiring time for all those aged 5 to 11.

Garden city kids
Table Sundays

Church around the table.

For the first 350 years of Christianity there were no church buildings. Early followers of Jesus primarily gathered in homes, and the focal point, the central piece of furniture, wasn’t the stage or the pulpit — it was the table. Gathering around the table for the early Church was sacred moment. It reminded these early believers of their relationship with the God, as they received the bread and wine; it’s where they experienced community with others; and it’s where they extended hospitality and welcome to the least, the last and the lost.

We long for the same to be true for us, so on the first Sunday of each month we forgo meeting for our usual way and instead we gather around the table.

Kents hill Park Primary
Timbold Dr •  MK7 6BZ
SUnday 7th July

Our table is open to all, so please do sign-up in advance so we know everyone will be catered for. Please include everyone in your household coming and do let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

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