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Our Story

Steve & Tammy Gee
Steve & Tammy Gee
e: hello@gardencity.mk

Thank you for your interest in Garden City Vineyard, a new church plant coming soon to Milton Keynes. The vision for this new church has been forming in our hearts for a while, and we appreciate you investing your time to find out more about the launch of this church. As we enter this next phase, our intention from September is to start gathering a launch team, as we begin to lay some of the foundations for this new church.

The name Garden City is rooted in the story of the Bible, a story that starts in a Garden and ends in a Garden City. It’s the story of God rescuing and redeeming broken people and renewing broken cities, and we believe we're being called to plant a church that will embody this biblical narrative in every corner of the city.

We've also discovered it's a name that is synonymous with Milton Keynes' history and how, when this new city was first conceived, it was heavily influenced by the Garden City Movement of urban design. Fifty years later Milton Keynes really has become a 'city in a forest' and our sense is this name will be something of a prophetic statement, one that speaks about the kind of church we're called to be and the kind of role we are to play in the city.

Thank you for your interest in our journey, and we hope that this website gives you a glimpse of who we are and where we are heading. If this is something that excites you or if you sense God might be stirring your heart to be involved, please do message us via the live chat or contact page.

"If you would like to get to know us a little better, then let's have coffee?"

Our Mission

“Practicing the way of Jesus, together, for the renewal of the city”


Our goal is to be apprentices of Jesus where we are ordering our lives around three goals, to be with Jesus, to become like Jesus and to do what Jesus did. As we live this way we believe our lives, our communities and our city will be transformed.


We want to look beyond Sunday gatherings, and look towards building a community where we intentionally connect people and families and businesses and institutions to the life-changing presence of God. Where together we can encounter Jesus and the life He has to offer.

For the renewal of the city

We’re not just called to build a great church, we are called to play our part in building a great city, that we believe can shape and affect a whole region. A city where everyone is playing their part in extending God’s Kingdom, everywhere and in every way.

"Scripture tells us the story of how a Garden is transformed into a Garden City, but only after a serpent had turned that Garden into a howling wilderness ...which lasted until an appointed warrior came to slay the serpent, giving up his life in the process, but with his blood effecting the transformation of the wilderness into the Garden City."
- Doug Wilson -



We want to be a people who live in the reality of God’s presence, becoming like Jesus. Seeing His Kingdom come in and through our lives becomes possible as we learn to live in His presence, by the power of the Holy Spirit. The way of presence leads us away from striving to abiding. When we abide in Christ our lives bear much fruit showing ourselves to be His apprentices.


We want to cultivate interior lives that engage in habits and practices that sustain and support the kind of radical life Jesus invites us into. Our apprenticeship to Jesus is about learning to take intentional steps to follow Him and live lives that are being transformed as we practice His way in the context of community.


We want to develop lives of selfless love where we make room for one another - regardless of race, religion, education or socio-economic background. We want to create a culture that is characterised by welcome, warmth and hospitality, where church isn’t seen as a place we go to, but as a family to which we belong.


We live in a culture where spirituality cannot be separated from generosity. The teachings of Jesus implore us to give to those in need, committing ourselves to an ethic of generosity. The scriptures say that God loves a cheerful giver, not because the church’s needs are met, but because God's heart is made glad when we depend on Him to provide all that we need.


We have a conviction that God is at work to heal and remake the whole earth. Our own lives are a part of that renewal project and God invites us to join with Him in the ongoing work of making all things new. To follow Jesus and join Him in His mission is to become agents of renewal in our neighbourhoods, industries and our city as a whole.


We are not called to focus our energy and resources on our church alone, instead we want to see all that can be achieved in one person or one place multiplied, ultimately through the planting of new churches. We are convinced church planting is the most effective way to reach new people and it's our desire to plant churches across our region and beyond.

“...the next great move of God is not going to be a movement in the church. It’s going to be a movement of the church into society, rewriting the story of every aspect of our cities - everyone, everywhere, everyday - communicating, demonstrating, and celebrating the supremacy of Christ in every corner of culture. Because He is making all things new.”
- Alan Scott -

OUR Strategy

"We live out our mission and values with two simple commitments; to gather and to scatter"


We believe that as humans we were created to know and worship God. There is something powerful and significant that happens when people gather together to encounter God through worship, prayer, and engagement in the scriptures. His presence transforms our lives and imparts hope for us and for our city. Our aim in meeting regularly for worship services and in smaller groups is to grow in our relationship with God and with one another. Further, during these times of gathering together, we are equipped and empowered to step out and serve our city.

Scattered servants

We are a people called to bring life to every space in the city. Filled with the hope and life that comes from God’s Spirit, we will seek to bless and love Milton Keynes, and its residents every day of the week. This happens through neighbours helping neighbours, through employees being the best employees they can be, through intentional outreach projects and through spontaneous conversations every day in every place. Rather than seeing ourselves as people who build great ministries, we see ourselves as ministers who are commissioned to serve and build a great city.

We are part of the Vineyard Movement, a worldwide family of more than 2,500 churches in 5 continents with over 140 church locations here in the UK and Ireland.

OUR Partners

We are part of the Vineyard Movement, a worldwide family of more than 2,500 churches in 5 continents with over 140 church locations here in the UK and Ireland. We are supported by the Multiply Vineyard team who work alongside local Vineyard Churches to see multiplication happen on every level.

While much of our support, both prayerfully and practically is coming from Central Vineyard, as our sending church and also the Grand Union Vineyard who are based in Milton Keynes. We’re also thrilled to be working alongside the churches we've been helping to plant in the last few years, with a vision to see even more churches planted across the south east corner of the Midlands and beyond.

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