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city Groups.

The truth is, the church is more than an hour and a half gathering on a Sunday, and our dream is that we wouldn't just be a crowd gathered around a stage, but we would also be a community scattered in homes and neighbourhoods right across our city and region.

During the week our goal is to be intentionally scatter in neighbourhoods and networks to live out the teachings of Jesus together and the primary way this  will happen is through our City Groups. Through City Groups we want to live lives that are being formed by Jesus, as we learn to journey with others in comminuty and seek to serve our city wherever we find ourselves. For this reason our City Groups operate with three core principles:

A movement towards formation

As disciples of Jesus, we make it our aim to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. In our groups, through teaching, practice, community, and the Holy Spirit, we are learning what it means to be a disciple, or apprentice, of Jesus.

A movement towards community

As the family of God, we take time in our groups to eat together, pray together, and share life together. It is in this ordinary rhythm of life in community that we become transformed and start to look more like Jesus.

a movement towards mission

As missionaries to our city, we are called proclaim the good news of Jesus and seek justice in our city. City Groups are defined by a shared mission with a particular focus on a need, a neighbourhood or a network, where we are learning to partner with God to see His Kingdom come in Milton Keynes as it is in heaven.

City Groups are just getting started, our dreams is to see groups scattered across our city and region, and we are just getting ready to train our first co-hort of City Group leaders, with the aim of launching a selection of groups in January 2023.

Serve with us.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to serve others, and at Garden City Vineyard we believe serving involves caring for those inside and outside the church.

Pray with us

We long to see God do so much more in this city than we could ever accomplish by human effort. We need prayer partners who will join with us in this journey. If you would like to partner with us in prayer, please sign up for our newsletter. Where you will receive updates periodically on how you can be praying for us, and how God has been answering your prayers.

Pray with us

Join a Team

We're passionate about people feeling like they're a part of our church family and one of the best places to do that is as part of a team. No matter your age or experience, there's a team that you can join, serving alongside others and getting to know others in the church

join a team

serve the city.

We want to partner with what God is already doing to bring about renewal and redemption to the poor, marginalised and oppressed - both locally in our city and further afield.

To that end, we aim to partner with a variety of projects and ministries to serve our neighbourhoods, city and world.

extend our reach.

Central Vineyard (founded by Steve & Tammy) functioned for a number of years as a multisite church. Throughout 2021 the church transitioned their four sites in to three autonomous local churches, with a renewed sense of calling to release and plant churches.

Garden City Vineyard is the first fruits of this transition and the first of many churches we want to see planted, as we play our part in training and sending teams and individuals out across our region and beyond.

54 Haddon, Great Holm
Milton Keynes

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