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Gathered + scattered.

We believe the end goal of God's Kingdom is not the church, but rather, all of creation set free and brought under the healing reign of Jesus.

The church is, of course, wrapped up in that pursuit, but rather than calling our city to come to us, what would it look like for us to be the church that goes to our city? With this in mind we are seeking to be a church that is both gathered and scattered.


We believe that as humans we were created to know and worship God. There is something powerful and significant that happens when people gather together to encounter God through worship, prayer, and engagement in the scriptures. His presence transforms our lives and imparts hope for us and for our city. Our aim in gathering regularly to worship is to grow in our relationship with God, to hear relevant teaching from the bible and to remind ourselves of all that is true and real in our world. Further, during these times of gathering together, we are equipped and empowered to step out and serve our city.

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We are a people called to bring life to every space in the city. Filled with the hope and life that comes from God’s Spirit, we will seek to bless and love Milton Keynes, and its residents, every day of the week. Through neighbours helping neighbours, through employees being the best employees they can be, through intentional outreach and through spontaneous conversations every day in every place. Rather than seeing ourselves as people who build great ministries, we see ourselves as missionaries who are commissioned to serve and build a great city.

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our Launch plan.

"How do you start a church?" This is a question we hear often as we share our vision for planting Garden City Vineyard.

The beginning of a church can be a new thought for many. Sometimes it feels like churches have just "always been there", but every church has a startup story. Garden City is a start-up-church, launching in MK with a dream of seeing many connected with Jesus, while finding their place in this particular expression of His church in our city.

We are intentionally starting Garden City from the ground up and here are the three simple steps we're taking…

Step 1

Have you ever wanted to be in on the ground floor of something new, to experience and be part of an origin story as it unfolds? This is the opportunity you have by being part of our launch team. This is an exciting phase that requires courage and effort, but offers the reward of being part of something new at a grassroots level. If you've found yourself longing for a sense of adventure and action in your faith, or if you have a desire to be a part of not only attending but also helping build a church from the ground up, we want to invite you to consider joining our Launch Team.

step 2

During this phase we will begin to host monthly preview services and begin to express something of what Garden City Vineyard will become. This will be the time to begin to invite our friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to come check out what it's like to go to one of our church services. Satistically speaking at least 95% of our population don't attend a local church of any kind, so we want to use this pre-launch phase to expose people to the hope that is found in Jesus and to help them see the beauty and value of stepping into a local church family, while finding a home at Garden City Vineyard.

step 3

Our Launch Sunday will be a moment of celebration and an opportunity to mark the starting line of our weekly Sunday services and the birthday of the church. At this point the full expression of who we are as a church will be happening every week. This will include worship, teaching, kids ministry, communion, multiple city groups, and other ongoing ministries and activities. The future will start here and it will be the beginning of a church community that will seek to follow Jesus whole heartedly, while attempting to build an authentic expression of community, as we pursue  God's renewal for our city.

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We long to see God do so much more in this city than we could ever accomplish by human effort. We need prayer partners who will join with us in this journey. If you would like to partner with us in prayer, please sign up for our newsletter to receive updates periodically on how you can be praying for us, and how God has been answering your prayers.


God-sized dreams require God-sized resources, and we have some pretty big dreams for Milton Keynes and beyond. We are asking if you would consider partnering with us. The generosity of people like you makes the impossible sustainable as we see God multiply our resources to change lives and cities. We would love for you to partner with us financially, or consider supporting Steve & Tammy.


A church isn’t made up of buildings and programmes, it is made up of people. If you have been reading through our website, and you find what you read resonating with you, you might be called to join with us in planting this church. If so, please do drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!


We want to ask you to share the good news of what God is up to with anyone you know in the area who is not already part of a Church. Even if you don’t know anyone in that area, you can also help us spread the word about our journey through social media. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You will not only help us get the word out but you will also be able to keep up with our story as it unfolds!


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