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our Launch plan.

"How do you start a church?" This is a question we hear often as we share our vision for planting Garden City Vineyard.

The beginning of a church can be a new thought for many. Sometimes it feels like churches have just 'always been there', but every church has a startup story. Garden City Vineyard is a start-up-church, launching in MK with a dream of seeing many connected with Jesus, while finding their place in this particular expression of His church in our city.

We are intentionally starting Garden City Vineyard from the ground up with a three phased plan.

Phase 1

Our start-up phase began in the summer of 2021 when we first announced our plans to plant the Garden City Vineyard. After countless coffees, sharing our story with anyone who would listen, we started to gather those who were interested in being part of the team that will help us get this church started.

Pahse 2

In this next phase we are continuing to gather and add people to the team, whilst beginning to host monthly, moving to twice monthly services in 2023. These services will give us a public front door and help us to express something of what Garden City Vineyard will look like as we gather to worship together.

Pahse 3

Our Launch Sunday will mark the starting line of our regular Sunday services and the birthday of the church. At this point the full expression of who we are as a church will be happening every week. This will include worship, teaching, kids ministry, communion, multiple city groups, and other ongoing ministries and activities.


Below are some practical next steps you can take to better get to know and connect with us as a church.


We don't underestimate the simple act of saying hello and making yourself known. Garden City Vineyard is all about family, so no matter how big or small your question we can't wait to talk with you! Simply send us a message, and someone will reach out to you right away! 
Say hello

with us

Currently we gather on the first and third Sunday of each month at Kents Hill Park School, to worship, share stories, teach the scriptures, and seek Jesus together. It’s a great time to get to know others from Garden City Vineyard – come and be encouraged in your relationship with God and with others.  

on us!

If you are ready to become a part of Garden City Vineyard, or would simply like to learn more about who we are, then the next step for you is to book a coffee with our pastors. This is a chance to hear our story, (and for us to hear yours), to share our vision and values, and answer how you might be engaged in the life of our church. 
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city Group

City Groups will be launching in 2023, meeting on second and forth Sunday of each month and will be the primary way to find belonging and community within the church, as we scatter across city and surrounding area, grow as disciples and reach out to those around us.
City Groups

with Us

As followers of Jesus, we are called to link arms with one another and serve.  At Garden City Vineyard, we believe serving involves caring for those inside and outside the church family, and we want to finds ways to serve each other, our city and the world.
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to giving

As a church, we believe that everything we have is a gift from God, including our finances. The generosity of our church allows us to pursue the vision that God has for Garden City Vineyard.


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