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Paga* is an ancient Hebrew word which means to encounter, meet, reach, entreat, to strike the ground, pray or make intercession! We believe the church is at its best, and God His most glorious, when His people seek after Him in humble, desperate, passionate prayer.

Wednesday 20th October
From 8pm on Zoom

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Redway walk

Milton Keynes is home to some amazing walks, parklands and lakes. Come and explore the city with us, as we take a stroll along the redways, stop off for coffee and cake, with the aim of getting to know each other a little better, as we continue to draw together the launch team.

Sunday 14th November
2pm at Lodge Lake, MK8 9LG.

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Because God invites us freely to His table, all are invited to ours, and it is at the table we come face to face with Jesus and with one another. As we continue in our gathering phase, look out for our first Table Community starting soon.

Coming a table near you in
January 2022.


Vision Night

We believe God has called us to plant a church in Milton Keynes that will practice the way of Jesus, together, for the renewal of the city. Join us 8pm Thursday 23rd September, as we start to unpack what this means.

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Alpha is for anyone who’s curious. The talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. No question is out of bounds.

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We believe that the church is a community of people sent by God to bless the world. We want to serve Milton Keynes the best we can as we seek the wellbeing of our neighbours and of our city.

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