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We'd encourage you to join the group closet to you geographically, if not the one you know you can attend most constantly. If you're not sure which group to join try a couple and see how you get on!  

How do City groups work?

City Groups run in three termly blocks, we start each team with all our groups gathered together for our month long training Electives. This will typically happens in January, May and September, and forms a key part of our Discipleship Pathway. Then for the next 8-weeks groups scatter, with the aim of living out our faith with one another as smaller communities across our city and region. Finally around Easter, Summer and Christmas groups pause to make room for holidays and/or a time of rest.

Each group will look slightly different, in terms of the make up of people and time and place in which they meet, but all our groups will hopefully include a time of gathering to eat, discuss/learn, share, and pray together.

Over the 8-weeks groups have the freedom to lean together in whatever way suits them, some groups engage in things like Discovery Bible Study or Lectio Divina, whilst others might follow some kind of course, some of which we have curated below, all of which can be covered over a 5 to 8-week period.

Leading a City Group.

Are you interested in leading a City Group, here are a few questions we've tried to answer. If you have any other questions, please do reach out:

What does Leading look like?

Well it look like not doing it alone. Who do you already hang out with? Ask them to start a group with you. We will give you some guidance on what you might do with your group - and if you can add a glass of wine or some good coffee and maybe some pizza or a few tasty treats, you’re 90% of the way to the best two hours of your week.

What if no one shows up?

We will make sure that doesn’t happen. The best way to start a group is  to form one by gathering a friend or two (or six) and start a City Group with them - that way your sense of community is guaranteed to be full of life from day one.

If you do start your City Group from scratch, and you want new people to join, we will work with you to carefully add people who we think you’ll vibe with. Promise.

Am I going to have to do everthing?

Hopefully you’ll have two or more friends who are willing to shoulder some of the organising with you. Plus, with the month long Electives we’ve tried to do some the heavy lifting, to help make sure everyone can engage in an impactful way. Leading a City Group is meant for normal people living full and busy lives.

What does a typical group look like?

Well thats mostly up to you!

But we encourage a simple structure that can look a bit like:
Gather + Eat (30 minutes)
Pray (5 minutes)
Share (20 minutes)
Discuss / Learn (30 minutes)
Pray for each other (15 minutes)
Hangout (20 minutes)

However you do it, the goal is to make it the best 2 hours of your week, that should hopefully be significant, relational, spiritual and personal. Whether you eat pizza, order take away, make cheese toasties or watch Ted Lasso together when you’re done is all up to you!

I'm not mature enough to lead a group

No problem, most people aren’t.

That’s why we do some of the heavy lifting during the Elective month. We simply ask that the Holy Spirit work through us, through all our short comings and failures. You shouldn't feel like you need to ‘level up’ to anyone else to be ready. Those leading a City Group are hopefully learning and growing alongside everyone else.

do I have to keep Leading forever?

Thankfully, no! But you can if you want to.

We think giving your group at least 12 months is a good option, but we also realise things come up and life can change. Our group rhythm means at the end of each term, there is an options to bring the group to a close or hand over to others should you need a break.

Our hope is always that your group has so much fun, and experiences life-change with Jesus, that you start asking the question: why wouldn’t we want to keep meeting?

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