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Our current Groups.

Our launch team city group has started, and look out for an Alpha based city group later this year!


Huddles are an extension of City Groups, they are a place where 3-4 people of the same gender gather to pursue Jesus together! They are a place to be known by others in such a way that you can be completely honest with your joys and struggles, confess sin, speak the truth to one another, and point each other towards Jesus. Huddles engage the following activities:


Each person is encouraged to share what they have been reading and studying in the Bible and how they are learning to obey and put into practice what they have learnt. 


Take turns at calling out the good in each other. This is a great way to celebrate the ways God has been at work in each others lives by encouraging each other as you grow more like Jesus.

Rhythms & Practices

Helping each other form new habits by establishing rhythms and practices together that are based on the lifestyle of Jesus. Practices that point towards a deeper journey of growth and transformation.


Having a space for confession and repentance (turning) from sin, and then spending time speaking the truth of the good news of Jesus to each other. Hearing the Gospel spoken aloud to each other enables us to believe.


Sharing with each other your joys and struggles, and also talking about how your conversations are going with your non-believing friends. Plan how you can share Jesus with them and invite them into the life of your City Group. Then pray for them by name and for God to draw them to himself.


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