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What is a City Group.

City groups are shaped as hubs of transformational discipleship and apprenticeship to Jesus.

A City Group is not just a Bible study, or a fellowship group, it's not just a social action club, or a support group, and it's certainly not just another weekly meeting. Yet a healthy City Group will include all of these things, providing opportunity and space to journey with others as we learn what it means to take on the Jesus' easy yoke and put into practice all that he taught us. At the heart of these groups is a commitment to follow and apprentice ourselves to Jesus.

Things to know:

  • Groups can start with as few as three or four people and will seeks to multiply when there is more than 10 or 12.
  • Shared leadership responsibility is encouraged.
  • Each group will look slightly different and they can take place in lots of different places, both in-person and online.
  • The initial commitment is to a one year journey with the aim to continue for a second year.
  • We will seeks to lead you through intentional resources to help you begin and flourish as disciples together.
  • Groups are at their best when meeting weekly for at least one to two hours.
  • Groups normally take a break at Christmas, Easter and during the Summer holidays.
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Dinner for 6

As we continue to grow as a launch team we want to figure out some creatives ways we can grow in community together. As a prelude to us starting multiple City Groups, we want to go on a journey that we hope will deepen our sense of community and connection to one another as a diverse team of people.

One of the most galvanising ways for that to happen is over a dinner table, so from February through to April we plan to break down in to groups of six (or there about) and take turns as a six at hosting each other for dinner once a month. It can be really simple, you can cook, get take-away or even bring and share, the idea is to keep it simple.

The goal isn’t to impress others with your culinary skills or be the king or queen of entertaining (it’s not Come Dine With Me). The goal is to simply build our relationships as a team through the practice of hospitality. 


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practicing the way.

We want to take seriously Jesus' invitation to 'put in to practice' everything he taught. Three times a year we invite our groups to focus on one of nine Practices based on the life style of Jesus, over four consecutive weeks. Each Practice includes teaching, guided conversations, and spiritual exercises, all designed to integrate the Practice into our everyday lives.

Over time our intention is that these nine Practices will become the core curriculum for our understanding of formation and the basis for us to form a church wide ‘rule of life’. To do this we are partnering with Practicing The Way.

Practicing the way

Other Resources.

Resources that help foster environments where Jesus can speak and transform lives.
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How to plant healthy churches podcast


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